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The Donor Boner….Obama,Pelosi & Reid ‘Stimulus’

The President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund ‘Cecile’ enthusiastically supports Obama during the presidential campaign referring to Obama as ‘a partner’ to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund!  Looks like Cecile may have earned about $10 million per word for this endorsement.

With the Obama/Pelosi Donor Boner Stimulus Plan (also known as H.R. 1) Obama is keeping the campaign promise he made to his friends at Planned Parenthood below.

On ABC’s “This Week” last  Sunday, Pelosi justified the inclusion of expanded federal funding for abortions as part of an economic stimulus plan on the grounds that reducing the number of children being born would help stimulate the economy. 

 Excuse me for asking….but how does using hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and other like clinics to pay for birth control, family planning services and/or abortions create new jobs OR stimulate the economy?   

California’s Family Planning, Access Care and Treatment Program, or the Family PACT, provides counseling, education and birth control to nearly 1.7 million low income Californians each year, including prenatal exxams and education about sexually transmitted diseases (the current program DOES NOT provide abortion counseling services). 

The Federal Government pays $315 million of the programs $432 million annual price tag.  Because those federal funds cab be spent only on “legal residents” California Taxpayers pick up the tab for the services provided to “undocumented immigrants”.

Through Medicaid – the American Taxpayer is already paying for contraceptives and family planning services for Low Income and Illegal Immigrant populations.  So – why do we need to infuse millions more? 

Obama, Pelosi & Reid;  The Donor Boner Leadership stimulating america by paying back one donor at a time!obama-bullshit-gang


2 Responses

  1. It’s official. Obama was the Republican candidate in this election. Fuck him.

  2. I was just wondering why didn’t he keep his FISA promise? Oh, I guess then he couldn’t spy on us dusty butt rascals.

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