Fuck you, Nancy Pelosi Pt. II

heilemann061030_3001Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly become more pathetic, you come out with this gem.  Really?  Seriously?   What about preventing teen pregnacy?  How about this one for the old evangelical base?  Wait for it, fewer abortions!!  What about STD’s? So, let me get this straight. Your take on birth control  is that it will save the government money? Really?  Seriously?  It will help the states balance their budgets?  Oh, I see it will reduce costs. You know,  food stamps and unemployment and all that pitiful stuff that happens to poor people?  Are they the ones right below the middle class?   Or are they the ones sleeping in my doorway?  Get real.  Come back here and look around in my neighborhood not yours.

  One more question, why did you say that you have the most to prove with this stimulus package.  Is it because as Simofish says you got on your knees and opened wide.  You disgust me.


3 Responses

  1. love the big hair….despise the big toothed rodent, aka, San Fran Nan. Does this twit really think that we believe that its going to save the taxpayers money to open up family planning services to anyone who walks into Planned Parenthood or any other “clinic”? This isn’t about stimulating the economy or creating jobs, its payback time and Obamas donors are getting paid back, one by one. His biggest donors were financial companies and that spigot is still turned ON.

  2. gov’t just really pisses me off — I think we should pack up and move to Canada – really, I would rather pay my taxes to them

  3. Can we go to Mexico? It’s warmer and cheaper and I think the food is better.

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