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Can you grow one? Yes you can! Hail to the Ch-Ch-Ch-Chief!



4 Responses

  1. Tempting as it is, I’m gonna hold out on buying one of these at full price. I’m thinking by sometime early summer, Nobama and his Demwit Cronies “Stimulus” will have run the economy so far into the ground that I’ll be able to pick one of these up at a garage sell for pennys on the North American Union “Amero”. I thought I had seen everything – I was soooo wrong! Ch,Ch,Ch,Ch -Change!

  2. Yes, this is ch-ch-ch-change you can believe in.

  3. Upon a closer look……I noticed “the mole”. I wonder if you can stick a seed or two in the mole and grow a green hair out it? Just wonderin’.

  4. Yes, it’s a very true to life ch-ch-ch-chi-ef. I hope Madame Tussaud’s rendition is just as accurate.

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