Individual Responsibility, Illegal Immigrant Aunties & Forgetful Treasury Secretary’s

Aunt Zeituni Onyango came to the United States seeking asylum from her native Kenya but was turned down and ordered to leave the country in 2004.   However she continued to remain in the United States, living in federal and state-funded public housing in Boston.


As of  the Nov 4th 2008, she was still living in this public housing complex in Boston. 

Her nephew Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States days after the story about her surfaced.  Since the election, not one mention from the media nor the newly elected President about his Aunt Zeituni.   

The Obama camp said Obama did not know about his aunt’s status. “If she is violating laws, those laws have to be obeyed,” Obama said just before Election Day. 

The 56-year-old half-sister of Obama’s late father had said she would speak to a reporter after the election, but instead declined to comment and left her apartment in the Boston Housing Authority for Ohio.  It was reported that she donated $260 to the Obama Campaign which the campaign says was returned. 

“Her wish is for this matter to remain private,” Immigration Attorney Wong said in a statement. “She is in Cleveland with close family members resting and is under good care.”

An immigration judge denied Onyango’s application for political asylum and ordered her deported four years ago.

Immigration lawyers have said Onyango might have several options to stay in this country, even if she were facing a deportation order. She could appeal to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow her to stay while she tries to reopen her asylum case, for instance.

The circumstances of Onyango’s asylum petition have not been released.

Now how do you suppose an illegal immigrant living in public housing was able to afford an “immigration attorney” or a move to Cleveland? 

How is it that Aunt Zeituni hasn’t been deported or arrested as she was ordered to leave the united states 5 years ago? 


There appears to be a disturbing pattern emerging within the “Obama Inner Circle”.  His Illegal Immigrant Auntie is still here and Timothy Geithner, Obamas pick for Treasury Secretary didn’t pay his taxes and like Auntie Zeituni, Geithner has somehow managed to sell brain-dead senate and congressional committees on capital hill that his non payment was just an “honest mistake”. 

You know, Obamas inaugural speech was primarily dedicated to one theme….individual responsbility.  I wonder what individuals he was referencing in his speech, certainly not his Aunt nor Timothy Geithner.   

And the media has taken a powder on this story, just as they did the birth certificate, the telecom immunity flip flop, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko and many others……gee – what a shocker!


2 Responses

  1. Stevie — you’re brilliant !!!

    WTF ?? This is politics at it’s best — this is completely transparent that Obama is a fucking fraud.

  2. So Tim Geithner joins the Rubin Citigroup Goldman exec at Clinton treasury from Kissinger Associates, then gets appointed by Pete Peterson of Blackrock to run the NY Fed, Blackstone creates a huge blowup in MBS real estate , then Geithner sends billions towards rubins friends at citi etc, and pays off Blackstones partners to handel the whole rip off at Bear and Lehman?

    interesting timeline

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