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Obama “Ignoramus Ubetticus”

Obamas Stimulus Plan is “Ignoramus Ubetticus”


U.S. president-elect Barack Obama has unveiled his highly anticipated massive economic plan with lots of promises for big spending, big jobs and big tax cuts.    
Candidate Obama promised only to create jobs, while the one who referred to himself as “the one the world has been waiting”, aka President-elect Obama,  is okay with merely “saving” them.  My condolences to the unemployed or soon to be unemployed.   
This recent “change” is a bar lowering of historic proportion that the Obama Smitten Media wants to pretend doesn’t exist —- it does, and their failure to once again keep a few facts from getting in the way of their Obama story is yet another reason why their slide to complete irrelevance and the ultimate bankrupting of America will occur under “The Obamas” watch.  They sling-shot him into the Whitehouse and the boomerang effect will come back and bite them (and all of us) in the ass.
Saturday, President-elect Barack Obama said “an analysis” of his stimulus proposals shows that up to 4 million U.S. jobs could be saved or created by 2010, nearly 90 percent of them in the private sector.  Huh?  Saved or Created?  Which is it…..save or create?   
Is it just me OR does anyone outside of the Obama-Smitten Media believe there is an enormous difference between creating an additional 4 million jobs and saving an existing 4 million jobs.  And how could all of Obamas Highfalutin Economic Minions have mis-calculated the impact of Obamas Stimulus Plan?   

Obama previously said his estimated $800 billion plan to lift the country out of a yearlong recession would create or save 3 million jobs, but the new analysis showed that number would range between 3 million and 4 million – but now…….there is a new caveat,  his plan may only “save” 4 million jobs. 

I hate to be a party pooper – really I do;  but…..I kinda don’t like the sound of this…..I’m kinda feeling another Big Time Telcom Immunity Bill Flip-Flop thing comin on.  Remember that one – back in July?  Obama campaigned that he would NEVER vote to give immunity to the Telcom Companies that broke the law by performing illegal wiretaps on American Citizens without a FISA Warrant — but then – two days later……he went ahead and “changed” his mind.  I know what you’re thinkin……no he dih-en, oh yes……he DID!  

I mean are we really surprised? 

This moron has taken months to decide what breed of dog to get and when he does….its between a Labradoodle and a Portuguese Water Dog?  So its off to the “shelter” to find a Purebred Labradoodle or Water Dog (I’m sure the shelters will be full of both).  When Obama was asked why he was going the “pound-puppy route” he replied…….”A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me,”   For the first time – we agree – my apologies to the mutts!

11 Responses

  1. Fucking Brilliant

  2. Awesome post. Keep it up!

  3. You don’t find that animated image a bit…racially charged?

    Oh that’s right! PUMAs are color blond! Silly me!

  4. The animated image is whatever “you” perceive – your perception is your reality. What about that image is “racially charged” to you? PUMAS are blonde, brunette, redhead and black haired….and yes, you are being silly 🙂

  5. We PUMAs might be the end of Hillary in 2012 or 2016 if we continue like this. Our objectives and folks are great. But how can anyone not see that this is racially charged?

    Its like saying a statement such as iron my shirt depends on how you interprete it. Feed back to others what we complain of and then feel like we have the high ground? Why do we need to go under the gutter to get our objectives accomplished. Folks are making images of this I hope it wont be fed back to us in future.

    Positivity always wins in the long run.

  6. It’s not as if we’ve never seen this hip hop video before…maybe we should just brush the economic package off our shoulders…

  7. First. Who gives a shit if someone finds it racists. Get fucking over it. People are discriminated against every day. That’s life move to another blog.

    Barry the fucking racists Obama was just fine playing his racists bitch ain’t one song wasn’t he. I would say he could kiss my white ass but I wouldn’t let him tough me.

  8. Yeah, I think it’s Ludacris!!

  9. To the few who have shared their feelings and concerns that the “image” on this post is “racially charged” I would like to suggest that they take a deep breath and then sachet down memory lane. It was in fact “Candidate” Obama who sent a press release out during the primary campaign that was titled “Hillary Clinton, Senator of Punjab” – racially charged? You decide. It was “Candidate” Obama and his campaign that accused Senator Clinton for stating the fact that it took a President to sign the Civil Rights Legislation into law, racially charged? You decide. And it was “Candidate” Obama and his team that played the “race-card” to silence Bill Clinton when he correctly pointed out Candidate Obamas “real” position on the War in Iraq – in order to keep that truth from becoming the story, Obama and his team created an entire campaign around the race-card – accusing Bill Clinton of saying that Obama “candidacy” not his “position on the War in Iraq” was a Fairytale. This link will take any interested in hearing Obama publicly admit that he and his team pushed the racecard going into South Carolina (and apologizing for doing so – after the damage had been done, of course).

    Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States of America. Let’s hope that anytime the media or a citizen questions President Obamas desicions or judgement they are not labeled “racist”. The dog just aint gonna hunt anymore.

    If anyone is interested in hearing Obama apologize for he & his team pushing the racecard in South Carolina – here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQY_9ZcsjpQ

    Hillary confirmed as Secretary of State……Go Hillary!

  10. So using racially charged imagery against one we have accused of using the race card is acceptable.

    By that argument killing doctors that some have ‘accused’ of killing babies would be too.

    Going down this route will never lead to good I promise (and plead with) you all. We can do this without all that. We also seem to be blurring the lines between candidate and supporters (by that vein, we would validate anyone who wishes to charge Hillary of race card with the Obama in muslim garb distribution, the several fired staffers on all sides for stuff like these, or the muslim rumors emailed around or McCain for his supporters displays that were played up by the SCFP).

    (BTW Deleting commentary of those who do not exactly say yes to all our feelings is childish, shows fragililty of ideas, and a nod towards regimes and countries where dissent is not accepted.)

  11. Is this subject over yet? I was asked to log on and say something!
    I worked my heart out for Hillary all the way to Denver and I am a PUMA! I was wondering if the folks who see racial charges in anything that has black faces and a negative subject matter, concerned about impropriety or just the “appearance of impropriety?” Because a big part of why this primary went wrong was the damage and polarizing that the Obama camp did to The Democratic party by calling Bill Clinton a racist. I am thinking that if you are a PUMA who doesn’t understand that you haven’t been paying attention. Will those people go back and review their notes please?

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