Oh this is awesome! The NYT is now warning us of a “one term” Obama!

Doh, we could have told you that 18 months ago or perhaps much sooner. This guy is a joke a fairy tale.  I am very excited about the fact that I still remain optomistic.  Still residing in my head is the hope  that there won’t be a “one term” Obama.  Speak Rezko speak!!  He’s is losing  his teflon sheen on a daily basis.   If he doesn’t perform miracles sooner or at least by day ONE something could go wrong.  The left over morons/his nutroots supporters/thugs may become disenfranchized.  Jeez, wouldn’t that be a shame.  This man cannot be trusted.  This man is unqualified to be president. 

It warms my heart to know that they were able to rationalize this fact.  It’s hard to accept that you have been lied to:

“A lot of the things he said on the campaign trail you can now dispense with,” said correspondent Peter Baker. “For the moment he has to focus on the economy.”

You mean he’s not going to keep his outrageous promises?  He told nothing but lies during the campaign and he promised the impossible.  He sold his soul (if he ever had one) and he made deals with the devil.  He exploited everyone he could.  He did and said anything to get a vote. Speaking of the devil has anyone seen Donna Brazille or Howard Dean?  They must be preparing for the big day. 

 It seems the writer is trying to prepare us for the fact that Obama isn’t going to keep any of the outrageous promises he made on the campaign trail:

“You’re not going to see universal health care, I don’t think, this year,” Baker said. “You’re not going to see a cap on carbon emissions, as he has promised, probably, this year.”

The bamboozled cannot be happy.  Please pass the hopium.  But don’t be saddened because there is good news:

“He hasn’t asked anybody for sacrifice,” Baker said. “His whole economic package is about giving things to people.”

The most astounding thing about this article is that they are warning Obama that if he doesn’t sit down with them for an interview that they will make sure he is a one term president .  They will do this just as easily as they got him elected:

“When the current president was elected, one of the first things he did was sit down with The New York Times and a battery of reporters,” Berke said. “This president has not sat down with our New York Times press corps in a very long time, as even Bush did.”

Read the article and let’s hear what you have to say about it.



5 Responses

  1. Right on point. Obama is passing through the media gullet now. Wait till he’s completely out of their system and they’re looking for new meat.

  2. Pumabear: Thanks for dropping by. I just can’t believe this mess. This man is unqualified to be president. Let’s see how long it takes before the press tears him apart.

  3. Right on!
    One term for someone who didnt earn his first term!

    Conratulations on your blog, Puma-SF!!!

  4. Thanks, Dances. It’s great to be here.

  5. And yet….the Obots are absolutely gushing with excitement and will be dudded up head to toe in official “obamagear” as they head for the Magicbus that will take them to the inaugural bash! Idiots (i knew their had to be an “o” in that word somewhere).

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