Boycott Pepsi!!!


3 Responses

  1. OK — here’s what I say — when I was on my iphone earlier to download an application — the number one application is called “ifart mobile” — you have to pay for this application. I said — WTF? Why would you buy this? It’s the Obots.

    The Obots need the Gov’t to make them feel good. Can you believe it. They need to get HOPE from the Gov’t.

    Same thing as when CA voted YES on Prop 1 — we are $7B in debt yet they vote yes to spend another $1B on a train from SF to LA.


  2. The resaturant says…”We only have Pepsi, is that OK?” No…water please, tell Pepsi they should have remained neutral and not try and ride the logo coat tails…I don’t miss Oprah, The View, 60 Minutes, or the SF Chronicle!

  3. How stupid do they think we is?

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